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    By hausofhobo on 2016-11-22


        Where do I even start? Less than two months from the day deciding, lets look into moving to Oregon and possibly buy a house, we were here.

    Moving has been nothing short of completely chaotic. We both waited last minute for almost everything. We were literally packing boxes as the moving truck was at our house packing up our items. With bits of the kitchen, bits of the living room and...

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    By hausofhobo on 2016-09-26

    HUGE announcement!

    You Guys! I've been holding this back for WAY too long. But I think it's time I finally share the news, WE'RE BUYING A HOME! AND relocating to a different state! 
    We currently are living in Santa Cruz, California and we are buying in Medford, Oregon. It's going to be a huge move and most likely a bit of a shock, but I am so excited for the change.

    In my next blog post I want to...

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    By hausofhobo on 2016-09-15

    Top 10 Apps every biz owner needs

    So nowadays, a lot of businesses owners run their business from their phone! We live in the modern world where we are lucky to have that connection with the rest of the world at our fingertips.  

    Here are my must have apps:

    1. Rhonna
    Rhonna is an app that you can make graphics on. You can add text, graphics, colors, backgrounds etc to your own photo or make your own...

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    By hausofhobo on 2016-09-14

    Nightly Skin Care Regimen  

    Hey guys! So a few of you have asked me about my skin care regimen, so this post is for you! I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and am allergic to 9 out of 10 products I try. So it's taken me YEARS to get this down and be able to use and combine products that don't make me break out in hives..and pimples. 

    Here's how it goes, Enjoy!

    1. First I start by wiping off my make up...

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    By hausofhobo on 2016-09-11

    What my tattoo means to me

    A lot of you have asked about my newest tattoo and the meaning behind it so I wanted to explain it to you! It's pretty simple and the entire tattoo was a tribute to my grandmother who passed away. But here is a couple photos of the process and the meaning behind it!

         I got an anatomical heart with a butterfly in the heart. Meaning "I carry you in my heart."The first...

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