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    About the Owner:

         Hello everyone! Im Lauryn Cardoza, I am a mama of two boys and the one woman show behind Hobokin & co. I am based out of Santa Cruz, California and a self taught jewelry artist.

             Growing up I struggled with anxiety and refused to ever take any medication to help me. I turned to alternative sources and quickly fell in love with crystals. I have taken my love for crystals and turned them into a design that everyone can wear. From anxiety and depression to creativity and conceiving, all types of crystals carry different energy to work with yours and aid your targeted needs.

      5% of all sales are donated to the homeless. This is a journey from my heart to your hands. To raise enough money to clothe, bathe and feed the ones in need. 

    I am also a metalsmith and love doing custom sterling silver rings. I love doing custom designs and really getting to know each customer, so always feel free to contact me for anything! 

    Xo, Lauryn Cardoza